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My name is Patrick Prestriedge – I am an Austin Digital Marketing Strategist. I have over 14 years experience helping those who have challenges being found online. I have worked for a large company (Idearc, formally Verizon – though now known as Supermedia), for a small and amazing digital agency (Imaginuity) and currently for a medium sized online presence company for auto dealers that I LOVE (DealerTrack, formally eCarList). The experience you need is there as well as the dedication. Take a look at my resume for yourself.

I am a firm believer in white hat techniques when it comes to my online work. In Dallas, there is such a small group of my peers. So much so that the thought of doing something black hat is just not allowed. My name is my reputation; as so, I believe in only doing what is right.

This site is not a place for me to try and drive business – though I will review all requests. This site is, however, a place for people to come view my successes, trials, feedback, and experience. I love what I do and I am good at it. As a matter of fact, my department was awarded the prestigious “Pinnacle” award in Las Vegas this year due to the skill and ethic I bring to my work and team (and they bring as well).

“In fact, eCarList websites scored higher than ANY other automotive website platform according to Brian Pasch, CEO of PCG Digital Marketing whose firm commissioned the independent testing used to evaluate website SEO performance. That’s big news!”

This achievement has excited me and energized me to continue doing what I do best – getting customers found online.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the contact page. I also have a link to my other website that I blog on in regards to SEO. You may find some of the information useful. If so, please link back to my content (I’m in digital marketing, of course I asked).

Thank you everyone for taking time to check out my site (and me). I can tell we will have a great relationship going forward and I hope you feel that way, too.

Till we meet again,

Patrick Prestriedge